Tech I Use

The tools and software I use to work at my best

There are many technical blogs out there and many of them are more robust in the information they share and the regularity of their posting schedule. As I am just starting this blog, I can offer neither of those things so far.

What I can offer as a first post, and to break the mental hurdle that is starting my own blog, is a simple post of the tech I use each as a software engineer and personal knowledge management (PKM) enthusiast.

Here's the tech I use each day, grouped by category.



  • VS Code - My one and only code editor. Here is are my current settings and keybindings.
  • Neovim - When I want to feel like Hackerman. Check out my dotfiles here are my dotfiles.
  • Kitty - My new favorite terminal (coming from iTerm)
  • Oh my Zsh with Starship prompt
  • tmux
  • Git- The only version control I need in my life
  • Dash - Amazing API documentation browser
  • Fira Code or Dank Mono - I tend to go back and forth, but these are my preferred fonts
  • GitHub - Manage all my code and issues

Editor Extensions


  • Alfred - Indispensable MacOS productivity tool
  • Things - Task management and implementing GTD workflow
  • Obsidian - Long-term knowledge base and main notes app
  • Evernote - My legacy digital filing cabinet with PARA organization


  • Music: Spotify
  • Podcasts: Snipd
  • Read-it-later: Readwise Reader
  • Reading highlights: Readwise

Other Tech

  • Apple Airpods Pro
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Kindle Paperwhite


  • Xbox Series S
  • Games: Elden Ring, FIFA, Halo Infinite, Cyperpunk 2077

And that’s about it. There are of course countless substitutes for each of these tools and applications, so if one those listed here don’t meet our fancy, you’ll most definitely find something that will.

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